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Want To Make Money Blogging ........... FactsYou Must Know Before You Start

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Make money tips

How To Make Money Online
 There is so much hype about how to make money online, most of the information available online provides a huge list of a-z ways to make money online. But none of them have the answers you are looking for, most of the information is like sales copy of a turnkey money making system,

How to earn 10$ daily from Neobux and Clixsence
Thanx for Landing,
I am sure your here to learn about the simple and guaranteed way to earn money online, before I start to teach you let me clear that this is not a get rich quick scheme if you are looking for one this is not for you. The name of the game is patience here, 

How to earn money from your Blog 
So,you have set up a blog and have some quality content on it, and now you want to take it to next level, but don't know how to do it don't worry I am here to help.

10 Best Ways To Make Money Online 
How To Make Money Online ’ is one of the most searched keywords on Google ! That means , everyone around the world is looking to earn money online , but I’ve seen that Google doesn’t let them to the proper article on earning money online , which they were looking for !  So, I started this blog ,

How To Earn From Clixsense The King of Ptc 
Before I teach you some major and complicated ways to earn money online, It will be better for you to go through this article, I have started a series to explain the most simplest method to earn money online, and this article is 3rd from it. You can go through my previous articles in archive section. they are of great help for beginners specially for women and the peoples who don't know much about online world,

Blog Tips

How to Create a Website for Free of Cost

If you have decided to get involved into an online business, one of the first things you should think about is how to promote it quickly and effectively. Website creation proves to be the best solution in this respect. However, you should initially decide what tools to use in order to build a website.

How to Start A Blog | Website

A lot of peoples are still confused about how to start a blog , some asked me how to start writing a blog? some asked me about creating a website, Guess what, everyone can start a website or blog. Starting a blog or website is a not a hard job and you can achieve it by following some simple steps.

How to Create A Blog | simple steps

So, you have made up your mind to start a BLOG, good a blog is most effective way to share your thoughts and opinion with the world nowadays. Fortunately, starting a blog site is an easy task. let us see what it takes........ a step by step guide to setting up your blog...

How to get started online

Make Money On Internet The Simple Way For Beginners 
This is an easy to follow article on how to make money on internet and make a living. This is basically intended for beginners with no experience of whatsoever on how to make money on internet. I hope this simple article will help people to get started with. Please do give feed backs so that we can make this article better and more useful.

There is so much hype about how to make money online, most of the information available online provides a huge list of a-z ways to make money online. But none of them have the answers you are looking for, most of the information is like sales copy of a turnkey money making system,

One of the biggest and most frequently asked question online in the Internet Marketing industry is "How do I get started." I see too many people trying to just make money. They're only in it for the money and only want to make some sales.

How to Make Money Online Getting Started (for beginners) 
So, finally you decided to try to 'earn money online' and you are desperately searching for the right way to make money online and you are fed up with blogs, e-books,  pyramid schemes,  affiliate programs, dodgy traders and fly-by-night sites who promise to teach us "how to make money online"? You may have seen some people selling product that they swear a child can use to make a fortune … overnight …

Welcome To Online World 
 I know you are sick of blogs, e-books, guru garbage all full of complicated nonsense we all see promising to teach us "how to make money online?" I have seen some people selling product that they swear a jackass idiot can use to make a fortune … overnight …sitting in a coffeehouse or on the beach … in just two hours a day........... be sure this is not how it is done.

Adsense Tricks

How to Increase your Adsense Earnings

As much as Adsense is supposed to make sense, most of the times, it does not. I often sit in front of my computer screen thinking, Why can’t my Adsense show more related ads?......

How To Make 10$ daily from Google Adsense

To make money with Google AdSense can be tough if you don't know what you're doing. Many beginners work online and try to earn a lot of money from their efforts,

List of Higest Adsense CPC Keywords

To earn More from Adsense and for Awesome tips you can join this program (Exclusive Community For Making Money Online With Google Adsense.)

How To Make Money With Adsense

Do you believe and look for that there is a way to earn a living online, but just have not been lucky enough to find it yet? Well before you completely give up hope I would like to share a little bit of personal experience with the Google AdSense program.

What Is Adsense & how Does It Works

Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience.  

Top Paying Adsense Niches

As the Making money online is a worldwide trend nowadays & Blogging is the most sought way to earn money online, peoples are looking for top paying niche to blog about, they search for the following....
  1. Best Adsense niches that pay high
  2. Top paying Adsense niches
  3. List of Adsense categories that pay high

How To Earn Money From Google Adsense

 Making money with Google Adsense is actually fairly simple. All you have to do is apply for Google Adsense, choose the look of the ads using Google's comprehensive tools, place the code on your site and keep writing killer content. This is a great way to display relevant ads on your site and get paid to do it.

No 1 Strategy on How To Build Back Links

You want to build back links that means your are aware of  what a baclink is, only on-page SEO criteria will not guarantee you will be ranked on the first page of Google, therefore you need to implement some off-page SEO strategies which include backlinking. Getting backlinks for your blog or website is easier than you might think but will take some time, so don't get discouraged. In search engine optimization, "off page" factors have become more and more important as they relate to rankings. In particular, solid link popularity can literally make or break a site with the search engines.The easiest way  to create backlinks to your website is to post on social media such as your Facebook page, Twitter etc.

Before we go any further, Here's the simple means to find those good links. Go to the major search engines. Search for your target keywords. Look at the pages that appear in the top results. Now visit those pages and ask the site owners if they will link to you. Not everyone will, especially sites that are extremely competitive with you. However, there will be non-competitive sites that will link to you -- especially if you offer to link back. Why is this system good? By searching for your target keywords, you'll find the pages that the search engines themselves are telling you are good, as evidenced by the fact that they rank well. Hence, links from these pages are more important -- and important for the terms you are interested in -- than links from other pages. 

And Now the most crucial part of this blogpost the strategy to build links...

Link Building
#1 create backlinks from videos, audio, pdfs, powerpoint presentations etc. All you need to do is repurpose and repackage your content and post them to all the different areas online and point them back to your website. This will not only allow your article to be noticed by more people, it will also help you to get more visitors and in turn, more leads for your network marketing business. 

#2 Create a list of gurus/experts. If you impress the people listed well enough, or find a way to make your project look somewhat official, the gurus may end up linking to your site or saying thanks. (Sometimes flattery is the easiest way to strike up a good relationship with an "authority".)
#3 Make your content easy to understand so many people can understand and spread your message. (It's an accessibility thing.) Put some effort in to minimize grammatical or spelling errors, especially if you need authoritative people like Gurus and librarians to link to your site. Have an easily accessible privacy policy and about section so your site seems more trustworthy. Including a picture of yourself may also help build your authority.

#4  Email a few friends when you have important relevant articles asking them for their feedback and/or if they would mind referencing it if they find your information useful. If you create something that is of great quality make sure you ask a few friends to tag it for you.

#5 Submit your site to free Submission Directories like Technorati, blogroll, blog adda, etc submitting articles to directories can be more time-consuming because generally articles are longer than posts and need careful thinking while writing them. But it is also worth and it is not so difficult to do.

#6 Generally search engines index forums so posting in forums  is also a way to get quality backlinks with the anchor text you want. If the forum  is a respected one, a backlink is valuable. However, in some cases the forum  administrator can edit your post, or even delete it if it does not fit into the forum  policy.

#7 Blog commenting is another good way of getting backlinks, but don't just leave a few words like thanx for info. great post or helpful information, try to discuss the topic and write  something worthy so others peoples may see your words, if found interesting they may visit your site and link back. Leave good comments You must leave good & thoughtful comments on a blog.  If you leave spammy comments then the blog owner will delete them and they may ban you from making future comments.  Join the community and contribute something.

#8 You can submit your  RSS feeds for free to rss directories. When these site publishes your RSS feed, you will get a backlink to your site and potentially a lot of visitors, who will come to your site for more details about the headline and the abstract they read on the other site.

#9 Swap some links. What?! reciprocal link building? Yes, on a small scale, and with relevant partners that will send you traffic. Stay away from the link trading hubs and networks. 

Try all these stuff, but don't try to link to specious sites called bad neighbors if you link to them, this can be disastrous to your SEO efforts

happy link building

Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to Increase your Adsense Earnings

As much as Adsense is supposed to make sense, most of the times, it does not. I often sit in front of my computer screen thinking, Why can’t my Adsense show more related ads? Why nobody click on my bloody Adsense ads? And, why, even if there are people clicking on my ads, the money in my Adsense account still close to 0 (nil)? The reason is simple, as I realized it after doing stupid things for a while, I have not mastered the Adsense Tricks. But I know Some Ultimate Deadly Moves that Google masters use to obtain maximum CTR (some sort of brain scanning term…. No, it’s click-through rate) and revenues. So, what are those 7 Deadly Moves? 

1. The Hundreds Variants Trick
This Google Adsense trick is used by varying your Adsense ad shapes, sizes, and forms. You could have some ads in the form of red skyscraper shape text boxes, while others are in blue rectangular ones. Or probably you want to mix text ads with images or even search, or video ads? Feel free to do it. The whole point of this trick is to not let your readers feel annoyed by the same boring text/image ads. So, experiments are the key here.

2. Blend-In Trick
You know what is the best thing you could do with your ads? Blend them in with the texts or images in your page so that your readers would not even realize when they actually clicked them. They thought they clicked on a link to another one of your pages but HA HA, they were sent to Google Advertisers (evil ideas…) You could blend your ads with your article by changing your ads colors, text sizes, fonts used, etc. You could also used the relatively new Adsense Text Link Ads that is claimed by some internet marketers to have a higher CTRs.

3. Competitive Keywords Trick
I am sure that by now, you would have known that every single Google Adsense ads are priced differently, depending on the popularity of its keywords. Some ads only cost 20 cents per click, while others cost as much as 2 dollars or more. So knowing the price of the Adsense keyword you’re betting on (by writing an article that focused on that particular keyword) is essential to maximize your Adsense revenue. Use tools like Keyword Discovery Tool by Trellian. Or just search Google Adwords to know the rough cost of a particular keyword. If you just want to know how popular a particular keyword is, go to Google Trends or About.ask.com

4. Custom Search Trick
We don’t like the feeling of someone getting rich selling us things we might not actually need, even though that might have been the case. That’s why we don’t particularly enjoy advertisements on TV (oh ok, some Super Bowl commercials are fine…), or billboards, or newspaper ads, or any other type of advertisements. Except when we are actually interested in that particular product or service. For example, when we are thinking of buying a new LCD TV, we actually trying to find, sometimes subconsciously, all the ads or news regarding LCD TV. Our minds are suddenly absorbent to these ads. It affects us much more than usual. By understanding this psychological condition, we could then conclude that the most powerful Adsense ad types is the Adsense for Search. When a user is searching for something, his intention is clear, he is trying to find a product or a piece of information. He is ready to click on any links presented by your search engine. So, by integrating Google Adsense to your search engine, you capitalize on this particular condition and, in the process, gains more from Adsense.

5. Extreme Measure Trick
Google limit your Adsense ads to 3 regular Adsense ads, plus 1 link units per page. This limit actually gives you plenty of ads to put in one single page, so make sure you don’t take this for granted and utilize an extreme measure to let none of your visitors escaped from your site without seeing at least one ad. Just remember, if the visitors to your site do not see your ads, they would not click it.

6. Specific Page Content Trick
This is the most important trick to get the best out of Adsense, no matter what other Adsense Tricks you are using. Writing a keyword-focused article is that is tailored towards your Adsense offering have been used by some of the most successful names in online blogging industry. I cannot give you a website link(s) to internet articles that actually do that because I do not feel like offending anyone. This type of articles are usually in the form of product reviews or talking about a particular book author or someone famous. Then there are links (Google Adsense links) to Amazon or other advertisers that sell the books or products related to the article.

7. Channel Trick
Remember the reason why you track your website with Google Analytics? No? It is to know what visitors do in your site, how long they stayed, what country do they come from, etc. This information would then be the guide that you could use to improve your site design. You could do the same with Adsense, except that you now have less thing to track. But, it is effective enough to know which ad is successful, and which is not. Which one is effective and which one is not. And then you could focus your attention to only those that are actually making money and eliminate the rest. To use Channel, just go to Google Adsense Admin Panel, then click on Channels Tab. Put these Adsense Tricks in good use, and please leave comments below.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

How To Make 10$ daily from Google Adsense

To make money with Google AdSense can be tough if you don't know what you're doing. Many beginners work online and try to earn a lot of money from their efforts, but sadly they walk away without cashing out a penny online. This is something that you don't want to happen to you. Unfortunately it doesn’t work how you expect. You may be checking your Adsense earning every one hour to see whether anyone clicked your ads and how much you earned. Most of the time, it disappoints you. I’m sure most of the newbie bloggers will be doing the same thing.

Google Adsense is the main money making program for most of the bloggers. I  investigated the time and work involved in earning 10 dollars daily from Adsense.  I found nice suggestions in internet for my doubt. In this post let me explain how to earn 10 dollars per day from Adsense-

Requirement To Make $1 Per Day From Adsense:
Your blog requires minimum 100 search engine visits and 250 Page views totally per day to reach one dollars daily.
you may be thinking to of  creating 10 websites which can make 1 dollar per day, so at end of the day you earn 10 dollars daily from Adsense. Sounds cool?, but who will create 10 websites?. Making 10 dollars per day is very much possible with your single existing blog or website. 
Your blog should have high paying keywords. Your each click must bring 1 to 3 dollars per click, that can be achieved by great keyword selection.  Some ads will bring 0.01 dollar too. Finally the average earning per click can be 1 to 3 dollars depending upon your good keyword selection.

Requirement To Make $5 Per Day From Adsense:
Your blog requires minimum 1000 search engine visits and 2500 Page views totally per day to reach five dollars daily.

Requirement To Make $10 Per Day From Adsense:
Your blog requires minimum 2000 search engine visits and 5000 Page views totally per day to reach ten dollars daily.

Requirement To Make $20 Per Day From Adsense:
Your blogs requires minimum 4000 search engine visits and 10000 Page views totally per day to reach twenty dollars daily.

Requirement To Make $50 Per Day From Adsense:
Your blog requires minimum 9000 search engine visits and 25000 Page views totally per day to reach fifty dollars daily.

If you have high paying keyword and getting good search engine traffic for particular keyword, then may be two or three clicks are enough to earn 10 dollars daily. So keywords are very important part of your money making strategy. Remember, No matter how many ads you are using in your blog, make sure at least one ad is placed above the fold. ‘Above the fold’ is the place any visitors see without using scrolling bar in internet browser. I think the ad with 300×250 or 336×260 below head line and above (or wrapped by) content works better for high CTR and CPM. Google serves high paying ads to the ad slot which is loading first in a blog. So, make sure to utilize this ad slot well to earn your 10 dollars daily from adsense. 

So, to meet your Goal you must write daily.
write almost everyday if you update your blog daily and write on new subjects people will want to look for more and more content from you, so that they can improve their lives in some way. And the more you write, the more the search engines will find your pages and index them in the search engines. this will boost your Adsense earnings.

List of Higest Adsense CPC Keywords

To earn More from Adsense and for Awesome tips you can join this program (Exclusive Community For Making Money Online With Google Adsense.)

Google AdSense Highest CPC Keyword
1 donate car to charity california $130.25
2 donate car for tax credit $126.65
3 donate cars in ma $125.58
4 donate your car sacramento $118.20
5 how to donate a car in california $111.21
6 donate your car for kids $106.01
7 car insurance quotes colorado $100.93
8 nunavut culture $99.52
9 dayton freight lines $99.39
10 harddrive data recovery services $98.59
11 donate a car in maryland $98.51
12 motor replacements $98.43
13 cheap domain registration hosting $98.39
14 donating a car in maryland $98.20
15 donate cars illinois $98.13
16 criminal defense attorneys florida $98.07
17 best criminal lawyer in arizona $97.93
18 car insurance quotes utah $97.92
19 life insurance co lincoln $97.07
20 holland michigan college $95.74
21 online motor insurance quotes $95.73
22 online colledges $95.65
23 paperport promotional code $95.13
24 onlineclasses $95.06
25 world trade center footage $95.02
26 massage school dallas texas $94.90
27 psychic for free $94.61
28 donate old cars to charity $94.55
29 low credit line credit cards $94.49
30 dallas mesothelioma attorneys $94.33
31 car insurance quotes mn $94.29
32 donate your car for money $94.01
33 cheap auto insurance in va $93.84
34 met auto $93.70
35 forensics online course $93.51
36 home phone internet bundle $93.32
37 donating used cars to charity $93.17
38 phd in counseling education $92.99
39 neuson $92.89
40 car insurance quotes pa $92.88
41 royalty free images stock $92.76
42 car insurance in south dakota $92.72
43 0 apr on balance transfers for 12 months $92.63
44 webex costs $92.38
45 cheap car insurance for ladies $92.23
46 cheap car insurance in virginia $92.03
47 register free domains $92.03
48 better conferencing calls $91.44
49 futuristic architecture $91.44
50 mortgage adviser $91.29
51 auto insurance quote new jersey $90.98
52 criminal justice accredited degree $90.61
53 la patagonia $90.57
54 cheapest car hire malaga airport $90.53
55 operator assisted teleconferencing $90.36
56 university of maryland mba online $90.11
57 dallas real estate license $90.10
58 semi dedicated servers $90.07
59 auto insurance in el paso tx $89.83
60 low balance transfers creditcards $89.42
61 balance transfers zero $89.25
62 colorado mesothelioma lawyers $89.19
63 immediate car insurance $88.99
64 swan foods delivery $88.93
65 country vet supplies $88.90
66 studet credit card $88.83
67 car insurance free quotes online $88.24
68 car insurance quote nj $88.22
69 web site design cheap $87.85
70 masters in education online degree $87.76
71 0 interest transfer balances $87.66
72 find out your family history free $87.49
73 injury lawyers in nj $87.32
74 course online medical billing and coding $87.26
75 fire and water damage restoration company $87.23
76 uop com $87.09
77 bcbg clothes online $87.00
78 hosted dedicated servers $86.54
79 18000 flowers $86.50
80 create adwords account $86.14
81 donate cars in maryland $86.13
82 host free domain $86.09
83 free email logo $86.07
84 txt att $85.27
85 unmetered dedicated hosting $85.16
86 domain registration bulk $85.13
87 cheap invitations for baptism $85.00
88 abercrombie flare $84.67
89 buying annuities online $84.54
90 donate a car in virginia $84.47
91 apr card credit fixed low rate $84.01
92 downy com $83.93
93 instant car insurance quote online $83.44
94 toyota new vehicles $83.43
95 email bulk service $83.26
96 pbx small system $83.11
97 o apr credit cards 12 months $83.07
98 meeting.com $82.94
99 criminal lawyers tampa florida $82.61
100 merchants credit card payment $82.28

To Know more about such key words and many more tricks join the Exclusive Community for Adsense  Click Here!

How To Make Money With Adsense

Do you believe and look for that there is a way to earn a living online, but just have not been lucky enough to find it yet? Well before you completely give up hope I would like to share a little bit of personal experience with the Google AdSense program.

Google AdSense is a special affiliate program based on pay per click campaign. As you know, most of affiliate programs are based on performance. Performance means there is necessary to be an action no matter it is sale or lead. Before Google AdWords becomes so hot, affiliate programs are the main steam to make money online.

Since Google AdSense is available online, thousands of webmasters and internet entrepreneurs have been using AdSense to earn an income online. Joining the program is very simple, and once you are approved, placing the ads on your site is a simple as pasting a few lines of code. Through its AdSense program, Google lets you earn without the need for you to sell anything at all to anyone anywhere.

You are free to sell anything and free to work anywhere anytime. But to make money online with Google AdSense, you have to build your perfect website. Your AdSense revenue based on clicks your website received. And you must have to know, not every click has the same reward. There are top paying keywords for AdSense and you should figure out those top paying keywords to your website. Google AdSense matches the content of your website.

Google Adsense is specific: the Advertising that it puts up on every page will depend on the content of that page. This is important both to the purchaser of the advertising and the seller. If a visitor goes to your website looking for making money online, then reads an article named “Make Money Online With Google AdSense”, and find some ads displayed on your websites about “Google AdSense Secrets” or “AdSense Gold”, the reader just want to know more information. The reader then clicks, you can guess, the link and you as the publisher make money from the AdSense program and the advertiser also gets more targeted website traffic and potential sales.

And how to increase your clicks, based on improve your click through rate (click divided impression) and absolute impressions. One of the best things you can do is add additional pages to your site. A web site with thousands of pages and tons of content often does very well in the search engines. You can get free content from article directories, like GoArticles.com, Ezineartilces.com an so on.

Succeeding with AdSense is largely determined by the amount of traffic to your site. However, there are many AdSense tricks that you can employ to get the most possible out of your site. Often times, this means doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your earnings. The key is to find out what works for your web site. Testing and tracking is the key to increased revenue!

If you are having difficulties in earning from Adsense than you can try Awesome Income From Adsense or simply Click Here!

How To Make Money Online

There is so much hype about how to make money online, most of the information available online provides a huge list of a-z ways to make money online. But none of them have the answers you are looking for, most of the information is like sales copy of a turnkey money making system, but not the information you want,  some of you may have opted-in to money making programs gurus’ lists, reading their newsletters, trying and failing different opportunities. Some of you are still confused about How To Make Money Online, so I decided to write my own point of view here once again this is not my first and probably not  last on this topic, I am sure this will help to get a clear Idea on how to make money online for beginners. 

Get over the initial perturbation 

So my first ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - be ready to learn, try, fail and get confused. It’s a natural process anyone will have to go through. During this time, you’re subconsciously building your industry knowledge, marketing senses and business acumen.
Make Money Online
If you're working somewhere  and your employer is looking forward to build simple company website or to run a blog and there is no one in the company who know about website building, you can try your hand just offer your services to volunteer building a site.
I know you don't know anything about website building? Not at all. you can always refer some books like Frontpage For Dummies etc, read those books over a weekend and spend the next one week building the company’s website. With the basic website building knowledge you can polish your skills, and within a matter of time you may be able to build all kinds of websites. This what I call Getting started.
Learn the technical stuff

My second ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - learn the technical stuff. If you believe in those gurus who tell you that you don’t need to know anything technical, well, good luck to you. All I can say is, the more competent you are technically, the more tricks you can do and the higher your chance of success.
Like many of you who have your own website, the next problem you would face will be how to promote your websites and bring traffic. Try to learn seriously about SEO, copy writing, advertising etc. 

Practice purposeful learning

My third ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - practice purposeful learning. Purposeful learning means you only learn things that you need to use now. For example, if you build a content website, you need to learn and practice everything about SEO. If you build a squeeze page, you need to learn and practice everything about copy writing and advertising. Purposeful learning will make the learning process fun and you are more likely to appreciate and internalize what you’ve learnt.

Treat yourself like an employee 

Finally, my last ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is - treat yourself like an employee. Apart from thinking of new money making ideas and strategies, all other things about making money online is boring and repetitive. For example, website building is boring and repetitive. Traffic generation is also boring and repetitive. If you treat yourself like an employee, set deadlines for yourself and push yourself to make it before deadlines, you are more likely to complete the boring and repetitive tasks and eventually get the rewards you deserve.

that's all 
happy blogging



Friday, 27 April 2012

What Is Adsense & how Does It Works

Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. These adverts are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. 

Now you may be wondering how does it works?
Google uses its Internet search technology to serve advertisements based on website content,
It is rather easy for Google to achieve this simply because Google is largest search engine. Google locates relevant ads by finding the keywords on your own webpages. Then they place them through a database of web sites to find the most relevant ones to yours and there you go, a targeted ad.

This relevancy is the key to the program’s success, as well as the reason all parties remain happy. The advertiser has a relevantly placed advertisement, the publisher generates funds from their own written content and Google will take their cut.
That is pretty much how Adsense works. If someone notices an interesting ad about a product or service that could benefit them, they click on the ad and are taken to the respective site. You are paid for this click. It is usually about 10 cents...although there have been times when many of us received $2.00

You have to create interesting, original, and relevant content that compels visitors to come to your site. You don't really make any money until you have several thousand visitors each day. It takes a lot of work to create the pages necessary and several years to establish a web presence in the search engines.

There is tremendous hype about making money with Adsense. The system is very simple, but most people do not want to be bothered for making good content,  they think they can throw up a 1-2 crap blog and make $100 each night while they sleep. It doesn't work that way.The good news is that Adsense is about the easiest way for bloggers or webmasters to start making money with their sites. After installing the ad code in your site, the Adsense spiders will crawl your site to see what all your pages are about. They then check their inventory of ads and put related ads next to each of your articles. This works out well for everyone as someone reading an article on cooking is much more likely to buy home appliances than someone who is reading an article about car parts.

My Personal advice for you, before even thinking about monetizing with Adsense, learn all you can about creating static webpages, SEO, finding profitable keyword phrases, and improving your expressive skills. Start a site based on something you are extremely interested in, then commit to creating one new page a day for the next 6 months. By December, you'll have about 180 pages and should be drawing solid traffic. Do not copy/paste someone else hard work. Do not steal images from other sites 

Why Backlinks Are Important

Back links
To understand why a website needs back links, you must know what a back link is. A back link is a hyperlink coming from an external website to your website,  A back link is an incoming link posted or created on another site resulting in a click-able link that leads back to your website. A good example would be a back link that is created by posting a short summary of your website on an online directory.

A website is created with the purpose of being seen. Having a website is an opportunity to reach across borders and to deliver your message to a wast no. of internet users. Many websites are not able to achieve this goal because they do not become visible in the eyes of the search engines. Unless someone types the exact URL of your website on their browser and visits your site directly.

Majority of surfers(internet users) use a search engine to find something they need. suppose your site has exactly what they are looking for. but you are not alone there are millions of other websites with the similar information. So,perhaps  it will be very hard, likely impossible, for your website to show up on the first few result pages without generating sufficient backlinks. To increase your chances of ending up in a visibly higher position on the organic search results it is essential that your site increases its backlinks on a weekly basis. 

The more backlinks that are connected to your site, the more relevant your site becomes in the eyes of search engines. Also, there is a connection between the quantity of backlinks a site has and its page rank. A backlink is like a trust vote from other sites, it means they trust your site and recommend it for relevance. If you have more backlinks your pagerank will increase. Not only do more backlinks increase page rank and relevancy, it drives traffic back to your site due to increased visibility

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to write SEO friendly content

Consider the infinite number of websites on the internet. Everyday new websites are added which contain new images and videos. Without having good search engine optimization tactics and strategies in place, your websites’ content may very well go unseen.

Effective search engine content can be termed as the content that appeals both to readers and search engines. It can be quite tricky as you are basically writing articles and reviews for readers, but at the same time it is search engines that take your contents to readers. It is not enough just to create a website or blog. Its future development and visibility to search engines is much more important. 

 Creating good and effective content is one of the ways to ensure the success of an SEO campaign. This article talks about how you can create relevant content that can help you in the task of SEO. In this article I will be outlining some recommendations, which will help make your weblog  really successful.
Writing For peoples

First and foremost write for peoples not for search engines
Possibly the most important point in this field, Don’t forget that while climbing the Google rankings may be on your mind, if you write boring, dull and uninteresting copy, people just aren’t going to want to read it. Be exciting, engaging and newsworthy. Your reader’s needs should always come first because ultimately, as the old adage goes, ‘content is king’. 

Write relevant and meaningful content
Search engines have ways of recognizing when a page is not really about what it might seem to be about. If you're playing games with your content to try and fool search engines, it will eventually be found and you'll lose rank or even be banned. It's much better to write content that is relevant to your topic. Meaningful content implies that the content should be relevant to the users who are looking for specific information.

Content should be simple
Content should be simple in terms of language. It should hold the interest of the reader and should flow well. If you create content that is too complex, you can lose your target audience, as there is no dearth of information that is available online. Don’t waste time by adding useless or irrelevant information hoping that this will improve your chances of discovery. If images or videos are going to be used on the website, don’t use text that should be indexed for SEO inside the image.

Content should be unique
Plagiarism is a serious offence on the Internet. Google and other search engines do not tolerate copied articles or content. You must create new and fresh content or take professional help to do the same.

Use lists instead of paragraphs
Lists are easier to get your seo content into without your repetition seeming strange.

Research your keywords
Keyword research is a fundamental and vital part SEO content writing. Research into keywords will allow website developers to figure out what are the top keywords, how they are being used and if there is going to be a change in demands. If keywords are being not being researched, developers will have little or no idea on what web users are looking for. Writers or content developers are urged to make use of the dozens of keyword research websites.

Do create content regularly
In order for your SEO campaign to succeed, you must ensure that you constantly create content to keep the interests of your users alive. If you do not keep updating the content, search engines will no longer find a reason to ‘crawl’ your webpage and this will let your competitors get ahead of you.

Don’t do keyword stuffing
Google and other search engines find it extremely fishy if you use the keyword too many times. Moreover, they have software support that analyzes and understands when keywords are misused. This can get your website into trouble with the search engines which is again, the total opposite of SEO. Again, Vancouver SEO specialists have the expertise to take care of this issue for you.

Don’t let search results alone dictate your content
Remember that first and foremost you are creating content for your users. Yes, SEO is important and should not be put on the backburner, but creating meaningful and stimulating content comes first. Figuring how to let your content become SEO friendly comes after you have created good content. Don’t let the search engine fluctuations dominate your time. Concentrate on the task in hand and you will get good results.

Review before you post
Once you have created content, it is imperative that you review it. Of course, if you have taken the services of professionals,  then they ensure that the content is SEO friendly. However, if you are creating your own content, keep in mind the following

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How to write Killer Content

'Content Is Your Online Business Life Line.'  Content is the life supply of your online business, just like blood is the life supply of your body.Content is also one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site. Search engines find and list all of the websites with content related to the keywords a user enters. If the content on your page is strong and on-topic, then your users will have no problem discovering your site through search engines. And that, That's why it is incredibly important to rise to the challenge of creating quality content that will interest your audience and give you a competitive edge, that's why it is highly valuable.

"If your blogs, websites or article submissions run out of content, your online income will just die."

However, this said, it doesn’t take any kind of content to be really successful online, it takes killer content to have a chance of being above the pack. So, the question you might have is how can I get killer content for my blogs and articles? Let’s see the methods you can use.
  • Focus on giving your readers value
    Work out why your readers have come to your blog and give them your best information every time. Make your blogs posts clear, useful and actionable. Read the bit about focusing on giving your readers value again and make it your blogging mantra or write it down and stick it on the wall somewhere so you focus on it every time you write.
  • Just write as if you were speaking to your best friend
    Use the kind of simple language you use in every day life, don’t confuse people with jargon or too many long words.
  • Give your readers clear instructions
    They’re blog readers not mind readers. If you have tips break them down into easy steps. If you have advice make sure they can understand it. If you want readers to subscribe ask them to. If you’d like them to share your posts on Twitter or Facebook suggest it to them and make it easy for them. If you want them to leave a comment tell them or leave them with a question to answer at the end of your post.
  • Keep it simple
    Telling a story helps but to begin with just make sure your blog post has a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s the information that people want more than anything, a story’s just the icing on the cake.
  • Choose Your Words Wisely. You want to pick the right words that evoke the right amount of meaning with as few as characters as possible. A thesaurus can help with this. For example, if you have a choice between two words, “lighthearted” and “fun,” go with the latter!
  • Get Verbal. Select verbs that are more emotive to get your message across. An example would be to use a word like “leap” instead of “jump.” They’re both energetic verbs with equal characters, but “leap” implies more emotion.
Writing Static Blog Content That Gets More Readers
Writing useful blog posts that clearly give your readers value is key but to convert new readers into subscribers you also need to pay attention to the static content on your blog too, especially the about page. So just write your own content with your own two hands, using your own brain and own ideas.

If you find it difficult to write or have no time than you can hire some one to write on your behalf. or

Use a software to help you create Your killer content
If you don’t know how or don’t have the time to write your own killer content articles, or don’t have the money to spend to have someone else write for you on a regular basis, you can always use a software to help you write your articles.  This kind of software will do a great part of the job for you.  Even though the software is not free, you will pay only one time about $50 to own it for life.  What the software does is basically create a killer content for you as long as you know how to use the mouse of your computer.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Why Keywords Research is Important

Keyword research is the lifeline of any website’s search engine optimization. Keyword research is an important search engine optimization (SEO) tool.  First and foremost, you need to know what actually these keywords are,  nothing complicated; a keyword is just a word or phrases that Internet user’s type into the search engines so that they can find their required information.

This sends the web traffic to your website, especially the web pages if these are highly searched keywords. The content on the web page should be relevant, unique, fresh, and extremely useful to the readers to help your keyword research really achieve great success.

Keywords Reasearch
Why do people search online? What are they searching? Key questions that an SEO would consider while hosting a website for search engine optimization. As per a survey, online searches are done for different reasons which could be as follows:

1) For seeking Information: 
 Internet offer a tremendous scope as a means of information peoples use internet for finding almost everything everywhere. The unending thirst for knowledge could be as mundane as finding the recipe to make egg omelet or as bizarre as searching the exact place where the last Aline was sighted! The search in such cases is done to seek out info on any given subject, with instant results. The intention of such search does not go beyond the first moment of information gathering. These are non-commercial searches.

2) For finding out an specific item (website, car.etc):
Some peoples already know about a particular website, but they search the web for more options they want to find out the best players, An online user searching for used cars in his locality would know which site to navigate to, but he may search the web for other similar business in his locality.
These searches could either be commercial or non commercial.

3) For Commercial purpose only:
It is a proven fact that 95% of web surfers use search engines to find what they need. They use certain specific power keywords more often, especially when they intend to buy, rather than just to browse aimlessly. You, as an internet marketer, need to know these power keywords especially about your niche market to attract these surfers to your products’  sales pages, (websites, Blogs) convert them to customers, and profit from your online sales.

As a Blogger you need to attract as many visitors as you can as only a little percentage of visitors will click on the advertisements shown on your blog.You need to attract massive web traffic with your search engine marketing (SEM) effort to earn from the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

you must keep these things in mind: 
  • Use the right keywords (including key-phrases) that are relevant to your web page content. This is important, because the search engines and your web page visitors will turn away from your web pages if they find that your keywords do not match the content.
  • The keywords should be able to describe the entire content in few words. For example, using “weight loss workouts” as a key phrase should also have relevant content describing exciting workouts that help reduce weight. Also, remember that you will need to tap the keywords that are popular, but are also less saturated on the search engines.
  • Use the keywords that are highly searched by most people.  “Credit Card” is a highly searched key phrase. If your web page content has high quality and optimized content describing this key-phrase, then using this key-phrase will definitely attract people searching for solutions using this particular key-phrase. Use this free tool to research keywords.
  • Keyword research for such power keywords and phrases will easily disclose which keywords are highly searched for. The research will help you decide which keywords can be selected for your web page content and help your website prosper.
  • Use the keywords that are low competition keywords. This is a very important factor that can immediately get you the highest search engine ranking. Low competition keywords are those keywords, especially the long-tailed keywords that are highly searched for on the internet, but not many internet marketers are optimizing their web pages for these power keywords. Hence, they do not have many search engine results and allow your web page to really get top position if you find these power keywords and optimize your web page content with them, before your competitors catch up.
 After selecting your power keywords, you must also decide how, where, and in what density to use them on your web pages to really generate massive web traffic to your website’s or Blogs home pages.

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Top Paying Adsense Niches

As the Making money online is a worldwide trend nowadays & Blogging is the most sought way to earn money online, peoples are looking for top paying niche to blog about, they search for the following....
  1. Best Adsense niches that pay high
  2. Top paying Adsense niches
  3. List of Adsense categories that pay high
Niche is Money
If you are blogging for money than the proper niche is not always something you know a lot about, or even something you like. The reason you need a good, high paying niche (i.e. consumer electronics, health and fitness, credit cards, home mortgage loans, etc.) is because the ads that will be displayed on your website will pay you more for every click.  Some ads have been known to pay over $5.00 per click, and 99% of the time those ads come from highly competitive sources who pay a lot of money on developing attractive ads. Those companies and people only want their ads displayed where readers are most likely to purchase something from them, so it is important that your niche is unique, relevant, and has good competition. Start searching for keywords that might relate to your website, and you can instantly see how much people are paying to place those ads on a Blog just like yours. 
  • Health & Fitness: Weigh Loss & Fitness, Anti-aging, Cancer, Beauty Tips, Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • Insurance: Car and auto insurance, Auto Insurance Quotes, Health and Medical Insurance
  • Computers & Internet: Computer Hardware, Computer Repairs, PC and Internet Security, Dedicated Hosting, ISP and Networking, Online Degree, SEO software and tools, Web Development, Stock Broking
  • Banking and Finance: Loans and Mortgage, Credit Card,  Credit and Finance, Debt consolidation
  • Legal representation: Lawyers, Attorneys,  Searches for attorney increased the bidding rate for this niche
  • Digital Photography: digital photography schools, certificate, digital photography education, Careers in photography
  • Psychotherapy: We can include this category in health, but i think it is best to treat this as a different niche as it gives more Adsense revenue as a separate site.
  • Real Estate: A damn good niche for getting good Adsense income. Google pays nice price for clicks on these Real Estate related ads.
  • Consumer Electronics: Electronic Items For example: Mobile, Laptops, Gadgets,  and many other Electronic devices
  • Antiques and Collectibles: Another good niche to choose for getting high Adsense income.
  • Dating: There are Lots of lonely hearts out there and the online dating sites are willing to pay more money to find them.
So you may be thinking to Start blogs in all niches and receive huge sum of money from Google Adsense! Right?
That’s really a wrong idea. If you do so, you’ll definitely feel bored in a matter of time and you wont be able to add fresh content to your blog thus you want be able to earn money from Adsense.
Only chose the niche that interests you. It is always advisable to blog on your interests rather than writing just for money. Because, you can write valuable and quality content if the topic you chose is of your interest. Or-Else you have to suffer from poor quality content which in turn affects your visitors as well as the income from Adsense.
So, always choose a niche that interests you, Write Quality Content, Optimize your website for Search Engines using SEO and then boom.. Your website will receive high paid ads thus resulting in good Adsense Revenue.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

10 Best ways to Increase Traffic To Your Blog | Website


With a lot of hard work and quality content, you can build a popular blog. But there are millions of websites and blogs on the web,  so you need to stand out of the crowd in order to succeed.  Getting traffic is the toughest part in the process of earning online. Once you are ready with your blog or site and want to have a passive income from it, you need to generate traffic.you need regular visitors. Here are a few simple tips on how to increase traffic to your blog.

1) Write great unique content with SEO.
The foundation is always producing great content. So to begin with, you have to create something that’s worthwhile and that’s worth people reading. Peoples, ask themselves the question “Why should I spend any time on this site when I already know of dozens of sites out there that provide great content?” And they’re giving you just fraction of a second if they do come to your site.  First of all, you have to provide great content so that people will stick around. If you’re just starting out, always interact with other bloggers, I usually recommend that people try to make a name for themselves among other bloggers and other sort of taste makers within their space. It doesn’t have to be the A-listers, but certain people who are maybe rising stars that you can reach out to. 

2) Edit your post one more time
How can you improve your title? How can you improve your first paragraph? Small details in your post, especially in the beginning of your post, can make an enormous difference in its ability to draw social traffic and links. You can definitely improve your title, first paragraph, formatting, and grammar within 30 minutes.

3) Update and Write Often
Frequently updating your blog with useful content is the next step to building your blog's audience. The content you write is what will keep readers coming back for more. Make sure you have something meaningful to say to them and say it often to maintain their interest and keep them loyal.

4) Participate in blog commenting
If you need to increase your traffic then blog commenting is one of the best ways to do it. You have to participate in blog commenting multiple times per day if you're looking to increase traffic to your blog. When you are leaving comments, don’t just say “great post”, “I loved your article”, “you should post more stuff like this” or “thanks for this post”. These are words of encouragement, but say a little more so that the other people who comment as well see that you are a person of great words. Writing a great comment as well can make the other commentators click through to your blog.
Blog commenting increases blog traffic and also the number of back-links, so you would want to do more blog commenting to get traffic as well. You can also reply to people’s comment even if you are not the author of that blog post. That’s right! Replying to a persons comment can also help you gain traffic to your blog. You can agree with the comment that you are replying to and also leave a key point so you can gain a visitor to your blog. 
5) Submit your Blog to Search Engines
Submit your blog to various search engines and directories. In addition to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and MSN, it's worth submitting to lesser known web directories. If your website is listed in as many places as possible, it can boost your rankings in major search engines as well. Online directory submission is a process which includes identification of proper category and filing the website or webpage detail in particular related category and get it approved by directory editor.

6) Participate in forum discussions
Regular forum posting is one of the best way of getting quality and targeted blog traffic. Forum users always participate in group discussions on a particular topic and often need help or offering help to other members of the forum. This where your blog comes in. If you have a blog post of your blog which will help this forum member then you can easily share your blog link so you can get this person to your blog. If your article is good enough and has helped this person then you may gain this person as a subscriber or a returning visitor. 
If you haven't joined any forum yet you must join now,don’t be afraid to use forums, they are a very powerful tool to pul in traffic to your blog. If your blog doesn’t have a post which peoples are looking for on a set topic, then what you can do is contact these peoples and tell them that you will be having an upcoming blog post on this topic. This will make them want to look forward to your article or come to your blog in advance so they can subscribe to get your article as soon as you publish it.

7) Get some Back-links
Back-links are links that are directed towards your website. Also knows as Inbound links (IBL's). The number of back-links is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Back-links are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality back-links, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query. Building quality backlinks is extremely important to Search Engine Optimization, and because of their importance, it should be very high on your priority list in your SEO efforts.
8) Share Your Posts on Social Networks:
 If you haven’t, register yourself at a Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn do it now. These networks are attracting vast amounts users around the world on internet, and those participate on these sites fit into the “content distributors” list. Fill out more information on these profiles to the fullest possible extent. Start following industry achiever, influencers and connectors. And share your own blog great stuff (posts/content) to make a positive impression about you and chance to go “viral” and earn sharing from others. For bloggers, social media is the largest source of traffic, when SEO is a less consistent driver.

9) Use Images and graphics
Images don't just make your blog look pretty, they also help people find you in search engine listings. People often use the image search options offered by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines, and naming your images with search engine optimization in mind can easily boost your traffic.

10) Tell people about it. 
Word of mouth is the best marketing tool that you have at your disposal so don't be afraid to brag about your blog every chance that you get.Get active on social bookmarking sites  there are lots of big and small ones out there to keep you busy. The key here is to choose just a few and then be truly active on them on a regular basis. This gives you more credibility on the site and drives more traffic to your blog.
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